How Open Is Open?

We posted a couple weeks ago about open adoption. We appreciate Amanda over at “From My Plan to His” for being so candid about her feelings throughout the open adoption of her children. We encourage you to hop on over to her blog to check out how one family has managed the adoption process and the relationships that came along with it. Thanks for sharing your journey, Amanda! ~Chris and Jessica

From My Plan To His

Every family that has an open adoption faces the trial of defining what open adoption will look like for their family. There are numerous variables within the complex adoption triad that determine what will work best for that particular situation.

For us, we had only decided to change from a semi-open adoption to open three days prior to Turkey-man’s birth. This did not leave us with much time to really pinpoint exactly what both we and his birthmother envisioned for the long-term relationship.

When we had the discussion of changing the status it was left as roughly a couple of meetings per year. In my heart, I knew it would be more frequent than that but it was going to take some blind maneuvering to figure out what was right for us.

Six weeks after Turkey-man’s birth the adoption agency gave us a heads up that Mama-A had inquired about setting…

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