Waiting for You

Dear Little One,

We’ve been waiting for you. Looking back, the time seems to have flown by, but in the moment it creeps by. It can be hard at times. We imagine what you might look like, sound like, be like…

Will you have a strong personality or a calmer one? How will your laugh sound? Your cries? Will you be a cuddler? Will you love baths? Hate them? What kind of music will get you dancing? What will you grow up to be? What will your fur brothers and sisters think of you? Will they be protective of you?

We do little things to prepare. If we see a cute onesie, we pick it up. We know you’ll rock that camo or Batman onesie like nobody’s business. 🙂 We’ve started talking about what color to paint your room. What used to be referred to as the “back bedroom” is now loving referred to as your nursery.

Your Daddy started working on some of your furniture. We can’t wait to show you. He took a lot of care in sanding and staining your dresser. He’s really looking forward to building you a bookshelf. We already have enough books to fill it’s shelves! Mama picked each one out just for you. What story might you like the best?

The length of the wait is still unknown, but daydreaming and preparing your room helps pass the time. We love you so much already. We know the wait will all be worth it, once you’re here.

Until we meet…


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