Keep Calm

We’ve been busy busy busy. Did we mention we’ve been busy? 😉 A couple weeks ago we finally decided on the adoption agency we wanted to help guide us through the adoption process and possibly link us with an expectant mother. So, that’s when our “fun” really began.

First, we applied to the agency. No one really gets rejected, so we weren’t worried. We still held our breathes until we were officially assigned a worker who would be our go to person for questions and who would complete our home study.

About a week later, we received a call from one of the directors telling us they received our application, who our worker would be, and that they were sending us a packet. It felt like forever, but it was only a couple days before we received it. There were so many forms and questions!


Even though there was a lot to do, we were excited. Jessica couldn’t stop smiling and planning. She’s a big planner. We took a day or two to read through the pages and make a to do list. We made a list of questions and appointments for physicals. We penciled in when we would get our signatures notarized and write our autobiographies. There’s a lot of I’s to dot and T’s to cross.

We’ve been using some of our free time to do a massive clean out and work on some household projects. Is this what nesting feels like? Most of it does not have to be done. We’ve heard over and over that the house inspection part of the home study process is not a white glove inspection, BUT it’s definitely motivation to work on projects that have found a “home” on our to do list. The list of requirements is actually pretty basic. We need basic things like heat, a/c, smoke detectors, and a bathroom. Check. Check. Check. And check. There’s a couple other odds and ends, but they’re totally reasonable.

Chris is totally the unorganized one, and Jessica trends toward Type A (or so she hears). Usually between the two of us, we find a happy medium. 🙂 We’ll see how we fair during this new adventure. How do you get things done when you have a big task? Are you procrastinator or “to do list” type?

BW Chris and Jess Heart Signature

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