The Whisker Interviews {Joseph}

Meow! My name is Joseph. My human family usually calls me Joe, but they sometimes refer to me by my nicknames: Dog and Mr. Tuna. I come running when I hear my name, and what cat doesn’t love tuna? In fact, I had some today. Yum!

I “meow” a lot, but it doesn’t really sound like “meow.” My human family can’t decide if I’m saying “no” or “Joe”. I’ll never tell 😉 I let them know I love them by giving them head butts. They apparently think it’s cute. That’s until I catch them by surprise. IMG_1350

When new people come over, I usually retire to my lair AKA the basement. I make an appearance for a select few. I like having long talks with Grandma and Grandpa (Mama’s parents). I used to live with them, and it’s nice to catch up. I also like to see Cousin K and E. They sing to me a song E made up entitled, “Here Kitty Kitty.” It’s very soothing (at least at first).

I do have one complaint though. The humans won’t let me outside very often despite my constant nagging. They come around a little and will usually let me out on the back porch. There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun on my fur or watching the birds fly by. Just between you and me…sometimes I sneak out the front door to go on adventures. Chill, I always come back. What are these humans so worried about anyways?

When Mama and Daddy told me we’d be adopting a human baby this time, I was relieved. Another fur baby would have driven me crazy (I’m looking at you Digit.). At first I was concerned about napping schedules, but I hear this human will have his or her own napping place. I love naps! They reassured me that the human baby wouldn’t be sleeping under the dining table or on balled up clothes. That’s a relief. Speaking of naps…Night, night.

*As translated by Chris and Jessica 🙂

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