Seasons of Adoption {Spring}

Spring is here, y’all! Well, it’s been here, but last week, we really noticed all the blooms and green leaves. Virginia has pretty crazy weather. Where else can you have 80 degree days and snow in the same week? Seriously! We can remember it snowing on Easter one year when we were kids. Virginia’s freak weather aside…we hope the warm temps are here to stay. We are looking forward to spending more time outside.

Chris started his first real garden last weekend. He tried gardening in containers last year to see if it was something he really wanted to try. Chris loved it, so he’s trying the real deal this year. A friend allowed us to borrow his tiller to break up the soil in part of our back yard. We are fortunate to have amazing friends and family who are willing to lend us a helping hand. Today, Chris started planting green beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, “maters,” and a variety of peppers. He’s ecstatic to say the very least.

Spring is all about new beginnings. New blooms. New leaves. New garden. New life. Adoption has seasons too. We our now in the spring phase of our adoption. We feel that newness and excitement now more than ever. It’s refreshing and exciting. We are thinking about every little detail of a little ones life and doing our best to prepare for the wait. We are filled with wonder and ideas much like most parents we imagine.

We feel like we have been on repeat lately, but we promise we are almost a home study approved family. We are just waiting on Jessica’s now notorious fingerprinting experience to come to a close. We’ve been longing to be ready and are excited to be a “waiting family”. Once our home study is finished and we are an approved prospective adoptive family, we begin our wait (hence the “waiting family” phrase). As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t know how long this wait will be as it all depends when we match with an expectant family. It could be weeks or years. There is no way to know, but we are hopeful our match will come.

One way to help us find an expectant mother who has chosen an adoption plan for her child is to make a “profile book”. Ours is mostly finished. Most adoption advocates suggest writing a letter to expectant parents and making a scrapbook to show them you and your family. Everyone has different requirements. Some are much longer. We were only given 4-6 pages for pictures in addition to our letter. We also have this website and will be working on a new website on Parent Profiles. We are hoping that having a few stokes in the fire leads an expectant family to us. Our profile pages are below. Feel free to click on each picture to get a better view. The expectant parent letter will be added to this website in next couple of days as we finish tweaking it.


What’s next? We have our yard sale coming up on the 16th. We are finishing up prepping for that and ochestrating all the details. Jessica is planning to research all the safety requirements for baby items, and she’s looking forward to decorating the nursery. She loves a good theme! Chris is excited to start building some furniture for a little one. If you can’t tell, we are very excited to be parents. We can’t wait to have everything ready for baby…whenever he or she is able to join our family.

So, what reminds you of Spring?

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