The Whisker Interviews {Digit}

Meow! Meoooooow! I’m Digit! Mama and Daddy asked me to share a little about myself. That shouldn’t be too hard since I love to talk. I’m the youngest of us feline bunch. I’m still a kitten at heart even if I’m 4 years old. If we had family superlatives, I’d get most playful, best bug killer, best stare, and best will-anyone-play-with-me-at-2am meow.  If you hadn’t heard, I’m extra special…I have extra toes. I’m a polydactyl cat. Which literally means many digits, so Mama called my Digit. Get it? 

Digit relaxing on the couch

I have a bad habit of falling asleep in strange places. Bags. Boxes. On top of electronics. This usually leads me to be unintentionally locked in a room. Oops.

Digit sleeping in bag

Digit in puzzle box

I give Mama and Daddy the best laughs. I love to play fetch with Mama’s hair bands and odds and ends I find in Daddy’s workshop. I give the older cats a run for their money too. I like to tackle them and play peek-a-boo underneath doors. But they love me. No, really. They do. Mama’s my favorite though. She truly gets me. Sometimes I’ll cry when I can’t find someone to play with, and she’ll call for me. Then, it’s game time!

Mama and Daddy sat all us fur kids down to tell us about the new baby. I like my cousins, so I think I’ll like the new cat, er, I mean human baby. Daddy said he or she won’t be able to play fetch with me for awhile, so I’ll impatiently wait for that. Mama and Daddy will be great human parents. They are always patient and loving.

Digit being silly

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I saw one of Mama’s hair bands earlier with my name on it. Meow Talk to you later!
Digit Signature

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