The Whisker Interviews {Baby}

Meow…I’m Baby. Not to be confused with a baby. I’m a cat, not a human. Mama named me Baby since I was really sickly and needy as a kitten. I went to more visits to the vet than I have toes. That’s a lot in case you didn’t know. I still don’t like the vet very much. I used to sleep under the covers with Mama or on her pillow. I’m not much of a cuddlier anymore, but I have my moments. Shhh…

I’m more of a loner these days, but I will alert the humans for a head scratch. And if they stop scratching too soon, I quickly let them know I’m not done even if they are. I’d be much more self sufficient if I had opposable thumbs. I still haven’t figured out the front door handle, but scratching at the door seems to get the humans attention. I’m what they call an “inside outside cat.” Sometimes I make the humans let me in and out over and over just to see their reaction. It’s priceless.
Some would call me the hunter of the family, and they wouldn’t be lying. It’s mostly a game for me. I’ve hunted everything from grasshoppers to rabbits. I bring most of them to the porch and alert the humans to our dinner. They never seem to appreciate my offering. Oh well, more for me.

Jess Iphone June 2015 685
I was the only kitten in my Kitty Mama’s litter. My Kitty Mama was all white stray that my human Mama and her family took in. They’re nice like that. They named her Izzy. I’m just like my Kitty Mama. When she was stressed out, she’d overgroom herself and have bald spots. I do the same thing, but I’ve been happy and healthy for a couple years now. The humans say I’m really pretty with all my hair. I don’t take a lot of time to stare in the mirror, so I’ll trust them. It’s nice to know they loved me even when I wasn’t looking my best.

I know y’all have heard from most of my feline and canine siblings on the human baby addition. I know Mama and Daddy have wanted a baby (not to be confused with my fluffy self) for a very long, and I know they’ll make great parents. After all, they’ve put up with me for 9 years!

Meow to you later!


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