Music Monday #4 {Jess}

I’m going to seem like hugest Twilight fan with a second song from the series, but it seriously has some amazing music (as does Vampire Diaries). This week’s song is “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last. As I listen to this song, I imagine holding our child for the first time, the emotions I’ll feel, the feeling of caring for him or her for a lifetime, and how the simplest actions may remind me of how lucky I am to have him or her my life.

People tend to mark their lives before children and after children and to some extent before marriage and after marriage. This song hits the nail on the head for how things change…how things seem clearer after a big shift change in your life. Of course, the song was written as a love song, but so many of the emotions feel the same. I may be on the this side of having children, but it’s what I imagine it’ll be like.

Ryan O’Neal’s voice gives me chills, and honestly I’m brought to tears hearing this song. It’s so beautiful and meaningful in this moment. I hope our “page turns” again soon. What’s been a “turning page” for you?

turning page


“I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I was living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain
Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are
For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours
Well I would have known
What I’ve been living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell
When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well
With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas
Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees”


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