Seasons of Adoption {Summer}

Much like our summer, the summer season of adoption has flown by.

We burnt ourselves out with all our classes in the winter and spring, so this summer we mostly relaxed. We spent time with each other, family, and worked on projects we enjoy.

We played lots of board games this summer. Squeezing a game…or 2…or 3 in before Chris went to work wasn’t out of the question. Jessica enjoys Chinese checkers and Blokus, because she can manage to win at least half the games. If you haven’t heard of Blokus, it’s a pretty cool game we stumbled across in a store several years ago. Chris’s favorite games are Othello, Backgammon, and Blokus. He has had a lot of luck lately with winning almost every game we play.

We went to the beach almost every year early in our relationship, but hadn’t been together for several years, so Chris decided we should go this year. We went at the very end of the summer and both had the best time. We spent close to 2 hours jumping waves and swimming. It was the perfect temperature and not windy at all.

Chris biking at the beach.
Chris biking at the beach.
Jessica ordering dinner while swinging on the glider chairs/tables.
Jessica ordering dinner while swinging on the glider chairs/tables.

We visited with family and hosted several smaller get-togethers. Of course, the kids usually steal the show (at least for us they do).

Chris and E being silly.
Chris and E being silly.

Chris worked hard on his garden this summer. Like clockwork, he checked his garden for flowers, buds, and pests. It had a few tobacco worms which Chris promptly ripped off and smashed (EW!). The birds pecked a lot of the melons, but to Jessica’s surprise, Chris managed to get a couple of cantaloupes. No watermelons though. Chris isn’t a big fan of cantaloupe, but he loved the taste of these. Jessica can devour almost a whole cantaloupe on site, but she can share when she wants. 😉

Chris with a cantaloupe from his garden.
Chris with a cantaloupe from his garden.

For us, summer has always been very busy and felt short. Adoption wise, the summer was busy with compiling our thoughts for the blog, updating all our online profiles, and fundraising (and maybe the occasional daydream or two). Things were constant, but exciting. Much like summer. At the end of it, you reflect and think it was a lot in a short time. By the end, we had been a waiting family for a little over 4 months. The “waiting” had seemed to speed by, and we are were very surprised the time had come and gone.


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