Seasons of Adoption – Winter

We have been an official waiting family for almost 10 months. Where has the time gone?!? We’ve definitely settled into the waiting. Don’t get us wrong! We’ll be delighted when we are blessed with a little bundle of joy, but there is a level of comfort these days. Life isn’t standing still, and neither are we. It’s like the first snow of winter.  You enjoy watching the snow and maybe don’t mind being snowed in.

But two days in, you start to feel that cabin fever. You start daydreaming about the warmth of summer and dipping your toes into the pool or ocean. We definitely catch ourselves daydreaming what parenthood will be like. And how adoption will play a role in making our family. There’s so many unknowns, but we are hopeful (as always) that everything will work out. Just like we know the snow will melt.

We spent the winter…

cards with grandma and grandpa k
Visiting with Family


Playing in the Snow


Learning about Reflexology


We don’t know how long we will have before Baby B is here filling our lives with laughter, poopy diapers, and spit up, so we are taking every opportunity to spend together and with family and friends. We are planning many new adventures and experiences for the rest of the year. This is our babymoon, if you will. Stay tuned…


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