Day Trip: D.C.

We did something unusual this Easter. We usually spend Easter with family, but this year we decided to go see the cherry blossoms in D.C. which were in peak bloom. It was the first time we saw them, and it was our first day trip to D.C. It was a lot of fun, and there were a few surprises.

Wake up
We started our day at 4am which is entirely too early.


in the car
After filling the gas tank, it was time to gooooo…
metro cards
We worked together to figure out the metro fare vending machine thingy.
March 27 2016 058
It was an overcast day, and we are still learning all the settings on our camera.
March 27 2016 084
Starting our day super early meant that the Tidal Basin wasn’t super crowded when we arrived, and the overcast weather meant we stayed cool all day.
March 27 2016 086
After some time, I finally got a good picture. I’m pretty proud of this one. ~ Jess
us at Cherry Blossoms 2016
Had to get at least one picture of us 🙂
March 27 2016 101
All the other tourists were taking pictures like this one. So, we decided to copy them. Haha! It’s not bad at all.
Easter eggs 2016
Once we got home, we dyed some “monster” eggs. This is definitely a family tradition we can’t wait to share with our children in the future.



A pretty successful day! This year we are really focused on trying new things and visiting places we haven’t before. Do y’all have any fun ideas for new adventures we could add to our list?




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