Staying Busy

This year is flying by…in fact it already feels like summer! Literally…we’ve had a few days already in the 80s! Our summers stay busy, and we’ve been busy even though it’s still spring. The weekend before last Jessica went to a baby shower to celebrate our Goddaughter, Baby T. We were so honored Jessica’s cousins asked us to be Godparents, and we are looking forward to meeting her when she graces the world in the next month.

baby shower selfie
Family Baby Shower Selfie (Selfie credit goes to Angela)

Last weekend, Chris was finally able to experience a gift that his parents gave him for Christmas. Since watching his Dad at the road track we visited last year, Chris has wanted to try driving it. And, he LOVED it! Of course, he did! Chris used to drag race at a local track, but road racing definitely took the cake in adrenaline rush factor. His instructor said he learned quickly and would love to ride with him again (We will have to see about that.). Chris enjoyed his 25 minutes on the track so much, he jumped into his instructor’s car and rode a couple more laps with him.

We rounded out our weekend with strawberry picking. They are in season a little early, but that didn’t stop us from buying 5 quarts we picked ourselves. Yum! We ate a few, and Chris made jam and strawberry shortcake. We’ll have to stop by and pick some more up just to eat. They are soooo sweet! Hopefully, we can make it to the farmer’s market more this year, too. We are hoping to can and freeze a lot of veggies and possibly fruit this summer. And, Chris has plans for a garden again this year.

We are looking forward to summer and all the fun new places we are going and the new things we plan to experience. Of course, we’d love to throw all our plans out the window if we were matched with an expectant mother or chosen to parent. But, it’s good to keep ourselves busy in the meantime. We’ll just have to see where life takes us. 🙂




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