Updating our Home Study

It’s crazy to think it’s been a year since we completed our background checks for our home study. But, it has! We emailed our sweet social worker, Alicia, about updating our home study, and she sent us all the info. While our home study is good for 3 years, our agency requires us to update our home study if anything big changes (jobs, home, etc.), update our background checks every year, and continue to learn about adoption. Many other states require a yearly home study renewal, and this helps us stay on top of the red tape in case we get a sudden placement in another state. Anything is possible!

Jessica filled most of the paperwork out. Our agency shared an article online that we decided to read and write up a summary to include as our educational element (still a work in progress at the moment). Luckily, we don’t have to redo our fingerprints, since we know how that went last time (atleast for Jess)! We still can’t fathom why it was hard to get them done, but we laugh about it now. 

Speaking of learning…we are both required to take continuing education courses to maintain our respective licenses. So, we will be doing that this summer to get it out of the way. Chris has to take one online class, and Jessica will be taking 2 college classes during 6 weeks in the summer. We are determined to have lots of fun despite class work. It’ll feel like mini-college all over again. We do genuinely love to learn, so hopefully we will enjoy our classes.

As always, please keep us in mind if you hear of anyone who has decided to place a newborn for adoption. We can’t do this without YOU. Yes, you! 🙂

BW Chris and Jess Heart Signature

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