To the Lake We Go

Last weekend, we celebrated Jessica’s birthday by camping at a local lake. We did all the fun camping things one must do: pitched a tent, cooked over the fire, ate marshmallows, got bug bites…

Relaxing on our site.


We stayed in a nice campground, so we were not roughing it by any means. We had a few hiccups, but everyone was really nice. Otherwise, it was a pretty laid back weekend.

No electric. Power convertor died. Ask a friendly neighbor for help. No problem.


That moment when you realize your floaty isn’t adult size.


Proof Chris can sleep anywhere!

We lost count of how many games we played. Blockus. Shuffleboard. Canasta. Othello. Putt putt. Golf (card game).


Watching the sunset on the beach.

On the way home, we decided to stop by a donut shop our high school used to use for donut sales. After asking our Facebook/high school friends for a little help, we found it! They were so yummy, and we picked some up for Chris’s parents who were watching our doggies for the weekend. We know what your thinking…why didn’t we take the dogs camping? Well, you see. They aren’t the camping type. Oreo and Ellie were living it up, believe us. They love grandma and grandpa’s house!


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