Bing Bang Boom!

A belated Happy Fourth to everyone! We had a busy holiday weekend with friends and family and so glad we did.

We started our weekend off visiting with our friends, Melissa and Jason, at their lake house. Swimming and jumping off the dock like we were kids was so much fun! Jessica started doing the Jaws theme music to L, and it was so cute to see him excited about the water. Chris enjoyed trying to teach L how to do a canon ball. We both love the water, and hope our little one will too. FYI: Jessica needs to work on her dive. Oh, boy! She’s thankful there’s no photo proof of that 😉

On the 4th, we traveled down to North Carolina to celebrate with Jessica’s cousins and our Goddaughter. We got lots of baby snuggles, played games, ate snow cones, and watched a great show of fireworks.

IMG_5291 - Copy
We started taking sparkler pictures a couple years ago for the 4th. This is this year’s attempt. A little blurry, but a fun tradition nevertheless.

We are looking forward to spending more time with family and friends during these warm summer months. Lots of memories to be made!


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