B is for Baptism

We were honored when Jessica’s cousin, Tim, and his girlfriend, Crystal, asked us to be Godparents for their daughter, T. Neither of us ever expected anything like that. We felt confident that we could support this little girl in the toughest and the happiest of times and to know God’s love. So, we agreed.

Last Sunday, we confirmed our commitment to this little girl in front of Tim and Crystal, their church, and our families. It was such a special moment to witness T receiving the sacrament of baptism. It was such a hopeful, peaceful experience.

After the baptism, we spent quality time with our family and met many of Crystal’s family, most of which drove all the way from Michigan. We are looking forward to spending more quality time with them soon.

Tim, Crystal, T, and Big Bro S
T loves to be in Daddy’s arms. 
Quick photo with our cousins, E and K. We tried to get S to join in but he was too busy…
…playing with animals. Love his expression!

Of course, every significant event in a child’s life makes us wonder about our future child. We both agree that we want to have our child baptized. It’s important to us. We are not currently members of a church but have started attending one locally. Church is very grounding, and we both have fond memories of attending church as children.



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