(Over) Fill Your Plate (With Love)

So, what do you do when you get back from a 7 day trip with almost half of your extended family? Have two of your little cousins sleep over before they go back to school, of course!

If you thought our Tennessee trip was packed, we definitely packed in the 24 hours we had with E and K. Between the two of them, they had a long list of things they wanted to do. Of course, when we asked if they wanted to go swimming at the lake, they said yes!




Chris found an interesting way to use the toy floats!

Look who thinks Chris is a genius!

We had never been to this particular beach, and to our surprise, we had the beach to ourselves. The roped off swimming area never got past the kids chests which was nice for them. Our toy floats were novelty at best. The kids had a devil of time balancing on them, but it didn’t weaken their spirit!


The 2 ducks and the crazy amount of butterflies at the lake captured our attention for awhile. We counted over 30 butterflies!

K wanted to play board games the entire time he and his sister were here, but we did manage to do a few other things E wanted. She requested to play outside with the dogs. We showed her how Oreo likes to play her own version of tag. Then, we played Frisbee and what the Internet tells us is called Air Scoop Ball. We played in the playroom some and helped E make cards for each another. It was all “top secret.” She’s very cute.

We didn’t think we played that many games, but we did…3 rounds of Mexican Train. 2 games of the Batman board game. And Blockus 1 time. We all had a good amount of pieces left at the end of Blockus. Jessica and the kids thought it would be funny to see how many pieces we could get to stick to our foreheads. And whatever stuck didn’t count against us. They could only really get one to stick, and Chris just thought they were crazy. Haha!

Of course, it was time to say our goodbyes. Promises of seeing them soon. But, when your sister falls asleep in the car and you have a few minutes before Mom picks you up, you snapchat with your auntie.

Best 3 minutes ever! K’s laughter was infectious.

Apparently, Jessica and K weren’t the only goof balls!

The two kiddos brighten our day for sure. Hope to be laughing with these two again very soon!


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