Let Me Guess

We did something Jessica had never done before…attend a sporting event (besides a high school or rec game). And if one wasn’t enough, we did 2 in the last week and half.

The Saturday before last, we saw the Kickers in Richmond. It was a pretty good night (and game) even if Chris didn’t really understand any of it. He did feel a kindred spirit with Kickaroo, the Kicker’s mascot.

Kickaroo playing a trick on the other team. Loved him!

We grabbed ourselves some shaved ice and popcorn and settled into some good shaded seats.

FullSizeRender (2)
Soccer Selfie

Jessica tried to clue Chris into the rules as best as she could. It was a pretty exciting game, and the Kickers won.


We stopped by one of Chris’s friends house on the way home, and not being a fan of soccer he said, “Let me guess. The score was 1-0.” And sure enough, it was!

Then, we attended a Flying Squirrels game Wednesday with one of Jessica’s college friends, Leah, and her family.


We were told it was a boring game, but Jessica was none the wiser. The roles were somewhat flipped from the Kickers game, and she didn’t know all the rules.


Chris fondly remembers going to many baseball games as a kid with his grandparents and brother. We didn’t plan to stay the whole time if it was a long game, but we did! All 11 innings. At the very end, the two teams buckled down, and the game became very fun! The Squirrels lost, but that just means will have to see another game again!

We definitely think it will be something we will do more often in the years to come. When we imagine our future with our child, we see fun activities, like sporting events, being part of that. Jessica would love to kick a soccer ball around with a kiddo one day, and Chris can envision playing catch. Whether our future child decides to be part of an organized sport or just wants to run around our yard, we will take it!


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