Lesson Learned – Baby Edition

We had a family picnic at our house last weekend. It turned out it was much too hot and humid for us to officially picnic, but we still enjoyed each other’s company. There was a lot of good conversation, activities, cooking (if we do say so ourselves), and even some surprisingly hilarious moments.

It was most of Jessica’s local family members. There were 13 of us all together, including the 4 kiddos. We either played or saw others playing Uno, Golf, Mexican Train, corn hole, and croquet (or some kid-version of croquet). Jessica’s uncle Darren was definitely patient with the little ones and kept them entertained while we were cooking.

There were bubbles! Even Chris got in on the bubble making! The kids (and adults) loved popping them as much as much as making them.

The kids helped make s’mores bites with Jessica.

That look when you know you’ve been caught eating the ingredients. Love S’s face!

So, probably the most eventful moment involved our Goddaughter, T. There’s really no good way of saying this but…Jessica got spit up on. We know. It’s a baby. They spit up. But, T got Jessica all along the side of her face. Jessica likes to tell E and K funny stories of them when they were babies, so this one might be one of T’s. You’re probably glad, but we do not have a picture of this messy experience, but Jessica was a good sport and laughed it all off. T is helping us get used to have a baby around again. We like to say she’s getting us ready for our future child. That apparently includes the spit up moments.

P. S. Thank you to our family for helping capture the day in photos! We think they love taking photos just as much as us.


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