NASH {Chris}

Hey, everyone! Chris here again. Last week was a long week for me. First off, the company I work for sent myself and two other coworkers to Charlotte, NC, for thermography training. Put simply it was a training course to teach us how to properly use and interpret what we are seeing on our new fancy infrared camera. This camera will be used to help spot and repair problems with our equipment before they become major problems.


While I was in Charlotte, I caught up with Michael, an old high school friend of mine. We tried a new-to-me restaurant called Genghis Grill. Needless to say, the food was amazing! It was nice to catch up with Michael and see how he was doing.

We are not above a silly selfie!

I drove separate from my coworkers as I had a weekend trip to Franklin, TN, for an event called Nashbro. Nashbro is the biggest RC event in the country. It’s catered specifically to profile planes (flat fuselage). I arrived late Friday afternoon and luckily had enough time to get my tent set up before the sun went down. After that, I enjoyed a little bit of night flying and then meeting all the guys around the campfire. I was the first one to wake up Saturday morning which allowed me to be the first one flying that day. Oh man, lots of flying happened Saturday! Some of the guys really proved how good their skills were. We wrapped up Saturday with more enjoyable talks around the campfire.

Since I was by myself, I made the drive back over two days. It was nice splitting it up instead of driving 10 hours in one day. All in all, I really enjoyed my training class and had a blast flying in TN. But, I’m glad to be back home in my own bed and getting to spend time with my beautiful wife and puppy dogs again.

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