We celebrated Jessica’s Dad’s birthday last weekend. It was a little early since yesterday was his actual birthday, but it’s when we could all get together. We like to cook people’s favorite meals as their birthday gift. Steak is usually on the menu, but this year, the birthday boy asked for ziti. A couple of years ago we made a new recipe every week to expand on our dinner choices. Baked ziti was one of those recipes, and it’s been a big hit for both big and small events. It’s so simple to make! We added some steamed broccoli and cheese bombs (another recipe we love) to the menu. Yum!

Jessica’s parents made pumpkin pie, and we made brownies. One desert is never enough!

Happy Birthday, Dad!
We don’t think he appreciated our rendition of the birthday song!


The four of us played Five Crowns. Jessica declared about half way that whatever score we end with is how old we feel. She’s feeling pretty good at 18, and Chris is an old man at 80. That’s pretty fitting since Jessica calls him an old man all the time. 
Chris couldn’t help but make a funny face while keeping score!
David getting some birthday kisses from two of his favorite ladies!

Next year will be the big 6-0!

While we enjoy hosting family holidays and events, we also really enjoy the smaller, intimate times we can share with those closest to us.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Baked ziti is a staple in our house! Pasta and ricotta and sauce and mozzarella is always a good thing! If you ever want a really time-intensive but AMAZING lasagna recipe, let me know. It’s SO GOOD.


    1. “Pasta and ricotta and sauce and mozzarella is always a good thing!” I couldn’t agree with you more! Chris isn’t big on ricotta, but my family and I love it. He likes lasagna rolls better. I would love the recipe! I’m always collecting recipes. 🙂 -Jess


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