Birthday Wishes

Exactly one week after Jessica’s Dad’s birthday, Chris has his, but we started celebrating a little early this year.

Jessica pinned a cookie recipe on Pinterest that she planned to make for Chris’s birthday. She knew he would love them (assuming they turned out). He loves chocolate, chocolate everything. Well, Chris saw the pin and requested we make them. So, we did a few days early, and they were delicious! Chris took them to work, and had 3 requests for the recipe. We’ll share the recipe here, so you can make them yourselves. But finish this post before you go!

Admittedly, they don’t look super appetizing, but they are Ah-mazing!

Chris had a little of his birthday gift when he went Nashbro. You can read all about that adventure here.

Chris wanted to go to the beach for his birthday. He also has been wanting to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, so we combined the trips. Originally, it was suppose to be a surprise, but like most surprises, it turned out to be a planned outing. It doesn’t make it any less fun! We made it to the bridge in time for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at the Virginia Originals and Chesapeake Grill. The restaurant is suppose to be closing next year, so we definitely recommend it before it closes! It was a nice temperature outside, and there were a good number of fishers on the pier. We even picked up something for our nursery at the gift store (Jess loves a good gift store).

We made it across the bridge/tunnels and ventured into Cape Charles. Jessica had been there as a child and remembered loving the beach. We happened to get their at low tide and were able to walk really far out. There were some pretty good shells (one of Jess’s favorite things to do – collect shells). Many of the shells still had occupants. We admired them but didn’t evict them. There were a few people out at the beach, but it was still very relaxing. There was hardly any wind and the waves were minimal.

A water tower disguised as a light house!

There were some cute stores on the Eastern Shore. Our favorite had a lot of miscellaneous items. We didn’t have any projects in mind, but this was DIY heaven!

Chris definitely enjoyed his birthday week month. He says, “Thirty-one doesn’t feel that bad!”



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