The Way to Our Hearts

Food is most definitely the way to our hearts. 
We love food! This shouldn’t be a surprise. Heck, we have “recipe” in the name of our blog. However, that’s not exactly what it means.

Well, two of our family members love food so much they opened a restaurant this month. It’s taken a lot of planning and determination, but Jessica’s cousin Angela and her husband opened a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant. We stopped in for their opening night to support them both. Angela and Jessica grew up close to one another and often refer to each other as “Sis.”

We wish them both all the luck in the world and hope they have nothing but success. We’ll be having many meals there in the future. Gyros and tzatziki sauce, here we come!

Angela taking a quick break from being hostess and waitress for the night for a picture with Jess.
Random Fact: Chris’s first job was in a restaurant. If we lived closer to the restaurant, we could see ourselves helping out on a regular basis.

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