Family for Days

The holiday season is always busy for us, so we’ve been neglecting on updating y’all on all we’ve been up to! We dove head first into the holiday season with a quadruple dose of family. The weekend before Thanksgiving we caught up with a few of Jessica’s cousins in Fredericksburg. We enjoyed walking around Downtown Fredericksburg, seeing a mannequin challenge in progress, watching buggy rides with Olaf and Elsa, and rolling down hills.

As we mentioned in our last post, we had an early Thanksgiving with extended family. And then, we had a traditional Thanksgiving the day of with Jessica’s parents.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had two of our “little” cousins over for a sleepover. They’re not so little anymore, but they’ll always be little to us. We tried our first time lapse video while they helped us decorate our Christmas tree. Check it out:

And, no visit would be complete without Snapchat.

We caught up with Chris’s family on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing more family as we get closer to Christmas. Many more memories to be made!


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