New Year. New Beginnings.

A new year means a clean slate. New beginnings. And hopefulness for what is to come. In the spirit of newness, we want to try as many new recipes as we can this year. We are still keeping our goal manageable at 2 new recipes a month, but we hope to do more. So, we are inviting you to share your favorite recipes with us! We welcome any type of recipe: main courses, side dishes, appetizers, desserts, breads, etc. Share them in the comments or email us at You might just see your recipe on the blog! We’ll plan to update every month with all the new recipes we have tried. We are so excited to bust out of our food routine, try some new things, and add some new staples to our family eats. 

Bring on the recipes!


2 thoughts on “New Year. New Beginnings.

  1. Easy breakfast, or anytime, meal! Sausage pie:
    1 package ground sausage
    4 eggs
    1 cup shredded cheese
    Half package of cream cheese
    1/2 c onions (I leave these out)

    Mix together and bake in a well greased pie pan for an hour at 375.

    I’ve got one in the oven now! 😋


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