January Snapshot

Ah, January…in Virginia…it can be a strange thing. We had snow and days near 70 degrees in one week. Maybe it’s not all thatunusual, surprisingly. We’ve had pretty good snows in January the last couple of years. We had close to 12 inches last week. That’s definitely close to a record for us personally, or at least as far as our memories go. In our childhood, we only experienced a handful of large amounts of snow. Typically, we’d get a few inches at the most.

We enjoyed playing in the snow with Oreo and watching her enjoy it so much. Ellie is not a fan; her short legs don’t help much! She generally begs to be held. Chris made snow cream, something his family did almost every time it snowed growing up. It’s definitely yummy!

Walking down a trail near our house. Beautiful!

After all the snow we had here in Virginia, we headed south to visit Jessica’s grandparents. We drove down to see them this time last year, so it seems that the MLK holiday is our unofficial visit grandparents weekend. It was warm enough down their way to visit the beach and collect a few shells that we accidentally left in Jess’s grandma’s van. We’ve been picking out the “perfect” shells every time we go to the beach. They might make an appearance in our ocean/beach theme nursery. Ya never know! We also spent a large portion of our time chatting about the “old days” and playing card games. Golf and Spades to be exact. Jessica and her Grandma Louise slaughtered Chris and Papa at Spades, while Jessica managed to squeak by and win at Golf. We made some memorable stops on the way up and down. Who could withstand the lure of South of the Border? Good times!

We are starting to make plans for the rest of Chris’s weekends off for the year. He does have every Sunday off (for now) which is nice. Of course, we’ll drop everything when we get “the call.” We never know when it may come! As always, please keep us in mind if you or someone you know decides to place a baby for adoption.


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