March Recipes (& Adoption Update)

We tried THREE new recipes in March. While we’ve had a few duds, we have a few huge winners, too! With our busy month, we inadvertently didn’t try new recipes until just last week. Since we didn’t have a ton of time, we stuck with two side dishes and only one main dish. First, we tried Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks. It was so good! In fact we shared two slices and were stuffed! If you like Brussel sprouts, we think this was just as yummy and easier to prepare and eat. Jessica thought too much might give us a stomach ache, but no aches! Just pure deliciousness! Second, we tried Italian Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Potatoes. Do you see a theme here? We love garlic! Although the potatoes smelled delicious, they were ok the first night and the absolutely do not reheat well the second night. Chris was more of a fan the first night than Jessica. It did inspire us to do some of our side potato dishes differently in the future, but we do not think we’ll be adding this one to our master recipe list. Our third recipe was a spinach quiche (recipe here). While it was relatively easy to make, it was the opposite of the potatoes taste wise. Jessica thought it was ok, but needed more flavor. After many bites, Chris agreed but was less enthusiastic about it. It didn’t reheat well, but we feel like with a few changes to the recipe it could be a winner.

As far as adoption, we are putting together video clips, photos, and stories together to send to our national agency, American Adoptions, so they can put it together into another profile and video to share with expectant parents. We have a busy few weeks, before our waiting continues. It’s more of that “hurry up and wait” experience we’ve shared with you in the past. We spoke with Kathie, from American, last week and our conversation went well. It’s another thing to check off the list. In addition to all the video, photos, and stories we’re sharing, we’ll be talking with Alicia, our social worker from C2Adopt in Virginia, to help coordinate all the information between the agencies. Busy, busy, busy!


**We are hoping to adopt a newborn. If you or someone you know has decided to place a child for adoption, learn more about us here.**

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