April Recipes & Adoption Update

We only managed to get one recipe done last month.  We had hoped we would do more in a month, but with updating our home study and helping coordinate a 5k for a local nonprofit, time has not been on our side. Most of all that is done, so we are hoping we’ll have more time to try more recipes this month.

Recipe: We did not grow up on hummus, but Jessica tried it a couple years ago and loved it. Chris tried it for the first time last year, so we decided to give it a try as one of our recipes. Texture wise we nailed it. It had way too much cumin for both us, but if you like spicy, you would like this recipe. We left out the paprika, because Jessica isn’t fan. We’ll try it again soon but with less cumin next time.

Update: We have submitted all of our various items for American Adoptions except for our home study update. We’ll do that after our social worker visits our house tomorrow. She just has to give the house a quick look over to see if there are any reg flags. Since the house pretty much looked the same 2 years ago, we are not expecting any hiccups.

We are hoping to be active with American Adoptions by the end of May (hopefully, a little earlier). And, then the wait continues until we match with an expectant family.

We haven’t managed to keep y’all as updated as we have in the past on all our outings and gatherings, but we’ve staying busy hanging out with friends and family. Jessica’s family celebrated Easter with us, and Chris helped our Goddaughter dye eggs for the first time. We had several days out at local parks and game nights with friends and family. We’re staying busy as we wait to become a family of 3!


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