May Recipes

We tried some pretty basic recipes this month. Jessica heard about cucumber water for the first time and decided we should try it. Chris really enjoyed it, especially after getting hot cutting the grass. Jessica wants to try it with some lemon next time. Otherwise, it just tasted too much like a cucumber. We might not let it infuse as long next time.

Our second recipe was more of a Jessica recipe. Actually, it was all for Jessica, because it was a one serving mac and cheese recipe. Chris isn’t big on cheese and only likes Kraft mac and cheese. Since Chris won’t be home for dinner two nights a week, a single serving is perfect anyway. Chris decided to take a few classes over the next year to earn his Associates degree. Jessica is super proud of him for continuing his education. He is a Master Electrician and has been for around 8 years. He’s took tons of classes during his apprenticeship, and now, he can put a lot of them towards a degree. A lot of people have asked him if a degree will help in his career. It might down the line, but he’s really doing it for himself.


Yummy,  gooey Mac and cheese! Need to make sure to have sharp cheddar on hand. Only had mild cheddar for this impromptu meal.


We are still waiting to hear about our home study review from American Adoptions. We are hoping it doesn’t take too much longer. As always, adoption is a waiting game. We are definitely getting pretty good at that part! 😉



**We are hoping to adopt a newborn. If you or someone you know has decided to place a child for adoption, learn more about us here.**

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