If We Build It, Baby Will Come…

We wanted to do an official post on our nursery. If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, then you have seen glimpses of it. And, while there are few more things we want to change or add, it’s completely functional.

We’ve included a few photos taken today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jessica wants some shelves for over the dresser, but she hasn’t found exactly what she’s looking for yet. We decided to keep the wall color the same for now. It’s a pale yellow and is cheerful, so there’s no real need to change it. Near the crib (above the rocking horse), we have a frame we plan to place pictures of birth family members. They will always have a place in our heart and our future child’s heart. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! While we have not matched with expectant parents, we know that the day will come. And like all parents, we want to be as prepared as we can be.


**We are hoping to adopt a newborn. If you or someone you know has decided to place a child for adoption, learn more about us here.**

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