We’re Outdoorsy (Apparently)

As I was organizing paperwork in my office today, I stumbled across our adoptive family profile for American Adoptions. I had created at least 2 before in addition to this website and Facebook page (not to mention the video profile!). At the time it was created, I pretty much didn’t want to see or hear about a profile ever again. They’re tons of work and surprisingly, emotional. But, I’ve been trying to find this particular profile for awhile. Why? Well, that’s both simple and complicated.

Simple: It’s the profile Emma’s birth mother saw and chose us based off the information and pictures we included.

Complicated: This profile is what helped make us parents. Without it, Emma’s birth mother, S, wouldn’t have seen our pictures or read our words. She wouldn’t have concluded we were outdoorsy. That seemed to matter to her, as that’s what she referenced to the social worker. She specifically referenced a picture of Chris feeding an elk that was taken when we visited a drive-through safari.

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure how “outdoorsy” we are. We like the beach, camping, festivals, yard games, etc. Is that what S envisioned for Emma? I hope so.

For most, it’s hard to imagine choosing adoption for a child. But, if that was the situation you found yourself, how would you choose a family? Would you want a family with children? Would you want a family that traveled a lot? Would you want a family with pets or a farm? Would you want a family similar to your own or one that’s completely different?

I’ve heard crazy stories of the reason adoptive parents were chosen. Favorite food. No children. Siblings. Parent’s career. Type of dog.

You never know how or when you’ll be parents. Adoptive or biological. I’m so thankful S chose us. I think of her often, if not daily. I want Emma to have the childhood her birth mother dreamed for her. I’m committed to giving Emma as many experiences both indoors and outdoors as we possible can.


2 thoughts on “We’re Outdoorsy (Apparently)

  1. Awww I feel the love seeping from this post. How thoughtful to raise your child in a way that connects her with her birth parents.


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