So many posts…

I have a backlog of posts. On WordPress. On my phone. In my head. And you may have noticed there are no photos of Emma’s face here. It’s beautiful. I promise. It all comes to an end, because Emma’s adoption is FINAL!!! She’s 100% ours. We never really had a doubt which is so unlike me. Chris is the eternal optimist. I’m a “plan for the worst, hope for the best” kind of gal. Somewhere in the middle is reality.

I would by lying if I said I felt like the process is over. We have to wait around 8 weeks to get Emma’s birth certificate which is a delay we were not expecting. Then, we have to get her social security card. Little speed bumps in the grand scheme of things but no less frustrating.

In a bigger sense, adoption is not a singular event. It’s a lifelong commitment. We are navigating the relationship we have with Emma’s birth family and at some point she will have to do the same. We take the point of view that they are an extension of our family. We love them. We pray for them. We have met some of them and adore them. We hope to meet more in time, but we shall see. I hope that we can guide Emma as she grows to love and accept her birth family and have outlets for her if she should ever feel disconnected or negative towards her adoption. Our Virginia agency is a great resource and knowing some of her birth family should help her cope. I realize not everyone agrees with our choices surrounding Emma’s birth family and adoption. Some have experience with adoption but many do not. It’s my hope that people will grow and be more open minded but it boils down to we are her parents. We know what’s best for her, and we are going to make the best choices for her.

Family comes in all shades and sizes. Ours may be different, but the love is there. While love will not conquer or cure all, it sure won’t hurt. The more people to love this little girl, the better.

Here she is! Our Emma Bean! Drool and all.


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