Meeting Emma…

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

Emma is 9 1/2 months old, and I‘ll be taking the next 10 days to share her growth through the months.

Emma was born January 15 weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 18 1/4 inches. We met her on January 20 (32 months to the day after being approved to adopt). This is our first photo as a family of 3. I remember being exhausted but so excited to meet our little girl. The NICU nurses were so kind to us and took so much time with us. They became our surrogate family in many ways. It was crazy to live out of a hotel in a different state for 3 weeks and to spend almost every day at a hospital. Emma wouldn’t come home until February 8. She’s a happy, healthy baby, so it was worth it.

We were (and still are) so appreciative of Emma’s birth parents. They chose us to parent Emma. They gave us the best gift in the world, and they will always be part of our family. We talk about them often. Even though Emma is too young to understand, there will never be a time she doesn’t know her story.


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