Are you going to adopt again? (Part 1)

Oh boy! All those questions people ask when you have a baby. You’ve just had one, and they are asking if you’ll have another. I’m actually surprised how much we get this particular question, because we waited so long for our first. No joke; a nurse in the NICU asked if we’d adopt again. Maybe it seems like the easier option. Maybe it’s just a question people tend to ask and they change the language, because our “baby makers” are broken. Who knows. They probably don’t even know. It just happens.

So, will we adopt again? We don’t really know. I learned a long time ago to never say never. Adoption will always be on the table, but it’s probably going to have to sort of land in our lap. We haven’t ruled out foster care, but we’ll probably wait until Emma is older.

We want more children. Infertility forces us to consider all our options and see how we can move forward. Some choices do not feel like the right fit for us or for us right now (but again, never say never). Finances are definitely a hurdle for many of our options. Other choices are not necessary. Surrogacy, for example, doesn’t solve any fertility issues for us and can be costly. Also, each option can possibly take some time. Fertility treatments took us years as well as adoption, so we aren’t naive about whatever process we choose for future children.

I realize that many of you may not know all the details of our infertility journey. I’ve written so much I’m never really sure how much I’ve shared here. I am an open book, so feel free to email, if you need a infertility buddy. I’m always happy to share our experiences.

I’ve stated a few options we have to add a few more spices to our family recipe without telling you exactly how we’d like to grow our family. I will say we are currently pursuing one route that we’ll be sharing with you soon. Essentially, this post got much too long. So, stay tuned!


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