Waiting (again)…

If you followed our adoption journey, you know that we waited a long time to adopt. 32 months officially. Of course, it was much longer when we add in our infertility journey. There was a lot of waiting. Not just to become parents, but little waits along the wait. The wait to start this process or the 2 week wait back in our fertility treatment days.

Since we’ve decided to “adopt” embryos, it’s been more of the same. Waiting. We posted about ourselves on several websites designed for couples to match themselves independently. We have actually chatted with a few people. It’s incredible awkward but exciting. Nothing is certain and there are no guarantees. We are hopeful but waiting is never easy.

It is easier to stay busy these days. Before Emma, we desperately tried to keep busy to keep our minds off our desire to be parents. Now, we are parents and our days are spent loving on and caring for Emma (when we aren’t working or completing classwork, of course).

I have a feeling our family dynamic will be very unique in the coming years. Nowadays, that seems less extraordinary, but ours will definitely have that secret ingredient that makes our family perfect.


We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season. Below is our little family on Christmas morning. Emma’s first! She’s been such a trooper with all the family visits over the last week, but we are definitely hoping to settle back into a routine.


2 thoughts on “Waiting (again)…

  1. What a beautiful family picture! Emma is a too cute! Love your transparency. I’ve learned so much from your journey and look forward to reading more as you expand your lovely family!


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