Baby steps…

Our embryo “adoption” journey is progressing slowly but maybe even faster than I imagined. I really didn’t know how long it would take to be contacted by anyone or how long the process would take once we connected with a couple.

The very day we put our profile up on one particular site, we were contacted by a couple with two embryos. A few things came up, but they reached out to us again around Christmas. We pretty quickly got the ball rolling on the next steps. Next week, we’ll be entering back into the world of reproductive endocrinologists and fertility clinics with the ultimate goal of becoming pregnant.

Don’t get too excited.

We are tentatively matched with the couple that want to give us their embryos. But, it’s not official. We’ll have to see how these appointments go and have another heart to heart with the donors before we proceed to the next step (We’re assuming it will be the legal step, but it could be more doctor visits.).

I’m very hopeful at this point that these embryos will be ours, but I’m trying to prepare myself for the possibility they won’t be. And, of course, even if they are, there is no guarantee that I’ll become pregnant.

Reentering the fertility treatment world actually has me pretty anxious, but I’m doing my best to focus on the here and now.

Emma Update: Emma is walking all over the place. It’s so much fun to see her explore. She’s trying really hard to copy our speech and is starting to say things like Daddy, doggy, cat, meow, ruff, yes, and I swear she said “Thank you,” the other day. She’s nowhere near consistent, but this is how speech starts, I suppose. We also were very excited to have some of Emma’s birth family visit earlier this month. We are limiting how much we share here to protect their privacy, but it was an amazing experience. One that we will treasure. We aren’t sure when our next visit will be (distance is a factor), and we aren’t sure how my (possible) pregnancy will factor into those plans. We’re tentatively planning on a visit for spring of next year. We’ll see where our embryo “adoption” journey takes us before making concrete plans.

We’ll update about how our appointments go next week! Crossing our fingers for good news (and a plan).


Emma Valentine’s Day 2019

2 thoughts on “Baby steps…

  1. Love these updates! Emma is too cute. 😊 May God bless ya’ll on this embryo “adoption” journey. Can’t wait to read more and see how your appointment goes!


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