The box…

They say everyone has baggage, but I also think everyone has boxes in their closets. Boxes they don’t want or particularly need. They hold onto them for some reason. Maybe sentimental reasons. Maybe some false sense of necessity. I promise this isn’t a Konmari post. But, the box doesn’t necessarily bring you joy either.

This is my box.

Sure, I have other boxes full of things I need to throw away, file, or otherwise sort. Too many, in fact. But, this one is different. It doesn’t have a label. But, I know what’s inside. It’s part hope. Part disappointment. And I have no rational reason to hold onto it, but I have for 4 years.

I honestly hope to get rid of it. Today is not the day. And tomorrow won’t be either. But one day…I’ll be able to let go.

A couple weeks ago, I actually had to dig this box out for necessity. This might be dangerous, but any guesses as to what’s inside? I’ll reveal the contents later this week.


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