Are you ready?

Matched with Embryo Donors…CHECK!
Legal Contracts…CHECK!
We’re now the mama and dada of 2 embryos! Whoop, whoop! For now, they are being babysat by embryologists at a clinic. They aren’t literally in our freezer as we joked yesterday. But, they are frozen!
We are beyond thankful to the donors who have welcomed us with open arms and who trust us to care for these embryos like they have. Thank you is NOT enough!
But, actions speak louder than words. We are committed to doing everything we can to give these embryos the best shot at life.
Since starting our adoption journey, we have felt that the more people to love a child the better. We have so many people rooting for these two embryos. They are already loved beyond measure, and we have the best support team.
Is the journey continuing or just beginning? Who knows! But, are you ready to ride this roller coaster with us? Through the highs and lows? Through the hormones and shots? Through the miserable two week wait? We’re putting it all out there!

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