Update time…

Time has gotten away from me, but here’s a recap of the last two weeks and what’s to come!

On May 7, we had a “big” appointment with our fertility clinic. We accomplished 3 things.
1. Had tons of bloodwork done. All came back fine.
2. Had a saline ultrasound of my uterus to make sure I didn’t have any abnormal growths. They took a quick glance at my Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Everything checked out good there, too. The procedure also helps the doctor get an idea of my anatomy, so there are no surprises when they transfer the embryo. The saline is placed in the uterus using a small catheter and made me a little crampy, but it wasn’t horrible.
3. Talked to the nurse coordinator about future appointments and tests, the timing of the embryo transfer, and the medicines I’ll be taking.

We are essentially doing a mock cycle this month, but instead of transferring an embryo, I’ll be having two ERAs (endometrial receptivity analysis) done next week instead. The ERA is a biopsy of the lining to make sure that we have the optimum timing/day for a transfer. This information will help our doctor determine when to transfer an embryo in July.

I started taking estrogen to build the lining of my uterus on May 11. Last Thursday, I had an ultrasound and a blood test for my estrogen levels. My lining was starting to thicken, and my estrogen levels were perfect. I’ll have another ultrasound and estrogen level check this week. I’ll also have to start progesterone injections for a week. Honestly, the progesterone deserves a post of its own. It’s seriously one of my least favorite things about fertility treatments. Hoping it’s all worth it in the end, but injections are no fun!

Everything is going as well as can be expected, and we are so excited for July to get here.

2 thoughts on “Update time…

  1. What a wonderful update Jess!! I’m happy to hear that everything is going well and very excited to find out what July will bring. May God continue to bless your family on this magnificent journey.


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