Who loves This is Us? Hates it?

I was really hesitate to start watching the first season, because shows tend to get so much wrong with adoption. But, I was hearing a lot of good things, so I wanted to give it a try. We ended up watching it after Emma joined our family last year, and I cried almost every episode. There were a lot of painful (but, thought-provoking) things to watch as an adoptive mother. The show is a portrayal of one family, but I connected with it even when I didn’t always agree with each character’s decisions and actions. I’m looking at you, Rebecca! I do wonder how some of those actions are viewed by people with zero first hand experience with adoption.

We’re currently binge watching the second and third seasons before the fourth season airs later this month. So excited!

3 thoughts on “Who loves This is Us? Hates it?

  1. Omg, I LOVE This is Us and very much so counting down the days of its return! It’s such a great show! I love the way it shows the character’s backstory. I’m always looking at Rebecca with a side eye but she grew on me this last season.


      1. I love her too. Lol that is true. Mine too (sigh). Oh, Rebecca. Nice! It’s a roller coaster but soooo good. You def have some time. I binge watched the 1st two seasons and have since been obsessed. Enjoy!

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