One week out…

From starting “this” process all over.

Oddly, there’s some comfort in the routine of doctor’s visits and medicine schedules.

But, the “what-ifs” are getting louder. What if, our embryo, Pumbaa, doesn’t implant and grow into a baby? What if it does, but we miscarry? What if it works?!

What will come next?

I try to push it out of my mind. We’ll find out in 7 weeks if Pumbaa is our baby. THEN, we’ll figure it out. THEN, THEN, THEN.

I get back to my normal, daily routine.

And, then the what if’s creep back in.

I’ve said it before, but I wonder if disappointment is so much part of our story, I can’t see anything but that. I’m hoping I’ll be surprised, and Pumbaa grows into a little baby. Blesses our family in July and changes us in the most profound way.

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