Plan Z…

Thursday, I had my second ultrasound and bloodwork done for this cycle. Our fertility doctor was a little nervous my estrogen was a little low based on what she was seeing, so she added in this bad boy (a small estrogen patch) to my regime of drugs.

My uterine lining is thickening, but better safe than sorry. I’ll be starting antibiotics in the next day or two followed by other various medication. I definitely feel like we’re throwing everything at this cycle. Whatever it takes, right?

Next week, I’ll have my third and final ultrasound before our transfer on November 7. So, basically we’re half way done the medical visits (until we get preggers anyway).

I’ve been mostly content this cycle. I’m truly weighing both possible outcomes. Pregnant. Not pregnant. Contingency plans. Plan B. Plan C. Heck, plan Z. But, none of it really matters. Maybe one of those plans will work out. But, it’s only a matter of time to see what comes next.

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