*Deep breath*

We’re not pregnant.

This was always a possibility. We were given 50/50 odds of pregnancy. Sadly, fertility treatments don’t always work. I will admit I never imagined neither embryo working.

So, we are yet again faced with the prospect of deciding how our family will grow. Unfortunately, time and money play a huge roll in our decisions. We’ll definitely be taking time to weigh our options.

We’ve appreciated all the positivity, the prayers, messages, texts, visits, and calls. You have lifted us up when we were down. We appreciate every single one of you!

I know this crazy ride hasn’t ended. There’s still more to come. What, I do not know! But, I can’t wait to find out!

It’s going to be beautiful. In it’s own time. In it’s own way.

2 thoughts on “*Deep breath*

  1. You know how you see a roller coaster and debate if you really want to try it cause it looks like a crazy ride. Then when you do, all those ups and downs were worth the excitement at the end. That’s what I think of your journey. It’s gonna be so beautiful like you said! God always amazes us when it comes to timing. Thanks for always being open, even during the tough times. 💗


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