Today’s medicine regimen…

I stopped birth control Tuesday. Today, I started estrogen in both pill form and patch form. I’ll be dissolving one pill under my tongue once in the morning and once in the evening each day and replacing my patch every three days. I’ll get my estrogen levels tested on Thursday and hopefully get the all clear to continue the same routine on Friday when my clinic receives the results from the outside lab. If there wasn’t a pandemic, I would be making the four hour round trip to the clinic for blood work and another ultrasound. We’re skipping this ultrasound and opting to do the blood work locally so our results are delayed by a day (per our clinic’s request).

I’ve been taking prenatal gummies for awhile. I always thinks it ironic to take prenatals and birth control at the same time. But, you got to do what you got to do.

I have had mild nausea from the estrogen patches in the past, so I’m waiting for that to kick in. But, I’m thankful that my regimen isn’t crazier or like a fresh IVF cycle. I will be adding in antibiotics, probiotics, and progesterone in oil in the coming weeks.

Thank you for going along on this ride with me.

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