Lining check…

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see if my lining is increasing sufficiently for my transfer next week. Due to the precautions our clinic is taking, this will be the only ultrasound I’ll have to check.

A lot of people have asked about how I’m feeling. It’s definitely hard to not “what if” this cycle like every other. I hope to post about that separately. But, one downside of this cycle is the side effects I’m having from the medication. I’m taking more estrogen than in the past, and I have the unfortunate side effect of near constant headaches. Not fun with a toddler running around and using me
as a jungle gym. I’m also having muscle aches. I’m not sure if that’s a side effect or just exhaustion from everything. I tend to carry my stress and emotions in my body. The probiotic suppository is also making me very…irritated. 😬 And, that’s all I’m going to say about that. 👀

Due to side effects, covid precautions, and new donors, this cycle feels different. I’ve stopped predicting what everything is going to be like, because everything feels different or hasn’t happened at all like imagined. I’m hoping that’s a good sign, but it’s probably just happening for no rhyme or reason.

I’ll hope that tomorrow is uneventful. 🤞🏼

(And, just for fun! Here’s E exploring a trail near our property on the little bit of snow we got today. We aren’t showing her face anymore due to privacy concerns, but she’s still growing and thriving for those that have asked.)

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