Let’s dance…

Y’all, this cycle is kicking my butt! Expect the unexpected, because all my expectations for this cycle are most definitely not working out. I mentioned my symptoms/side effects to my doctor today. For my headaches, she was not sympathetic and dismissed that they could possibly be from my estrogen. My gut and others pursuing embryo donation (and their doctors) say different. I’m hoping that my body gets used to it. It’s going to be an interesting 3-8 weeks if it doesn’t. I was told I could stop the probiotic and scolded for not knowing I could only take one probiotic “like the bottle says.” Um, the bottle doesn’t say that, and I was told to take one pill for six days. And if horrible bedside manner wasn’t enough, my uterus decided to practice the waltz (aka started contracting) during my ultrasound. Another first for me. The doctor said that the progesterone that I’ll start tomorrow should make my uterus chill out, but also recommended acupuncture before and after transfer. I’ll do anything within my power to make this embryo stick, so acupuncture it is. I’ve had acupuncture before. I actually love it and would do it weekly if it wasn’t so darn pricey. But, for one day it’s doable. It can be done in their office, so that’s nice. However, it will make my transfer day THAT much longer. The acupuncturist will be lucky if I don’t fall asleep during my appointment. Who knew needles could be so relaxing?!

My doctor is usually very nice and thoughtful. The phlebotomist mentioned they were busy this morning, and I’m hopeful that this was just one bad day. Condescending doctors don’t normally get a round two with me, but we’re stuck with this clinic at the very least until we use all our embryos.

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