About Chris

Hello, all! My name is Chris.

Picked a Bushel of Beans in a Friend's Garden
Picked a Bushel of Beans in a Friend’s Garden

Like Jess, I also grew up in rural Virginia with my parents and younger brother. While most of my family lives at least an hour away, my dad’s parents did live right next door, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend the night with my grandma to keep her company when grandpa had to go on a business trip.

Growing up, my brother and I were both taught to do our part in helping out around the house with chores. One that we both began doing early on was helping with the cooking. By our teenage years, it was pretty normal for one of us to prepare supper for the family, when we got home from school. This is a task I still perform on a regular basis. Though I’m not a professional chef, I can prepare one mean beef stir fry, if I do say so myself.

After high school, I pursued a career as an electrician. I finished my trade school classes and earned my Journeyman and Masters Electrical license. I am still pursuing a college degree, but it can be hard to squeeze classes in with a full time schedule.

I have acquired many hobbies over the years. Cars, woodworking, and RC airplanes are some of favorites. In the last year, gardening and canning vegetables has become a new hobby for me. It’s something I never thought I would enjoy, but I find myself coming home from work and immediately checking on my veggies. Now, it’s just as enjoyable to look in the pantry and see all the jars of healthy veggies stored and waiting to be used.

I stole Jess’s idea for a list of my favorite things:

Chris Goofing Off in a Store in Maine
Chris Goofing Off in a Store in Maine
  • Color: yellow
  • Food: Who doesn’t love PIZZA?
  • Sweet Treats: It’s a tossup between Kit Kat and a Heath bar.
  • Movie(s): Top Gun and Days of Thunder. No, I’m not some diehard Tom Cruise fan. I just love racing and aviation.
  • TV Show(s): The Big Bang Theory
  • Sport(s): NHRA drag racing and football
  • Musician/Band(s): I listen to a little of everything, but I’m a country boy at heart.
  • Song(s): “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.
  • Book(s): If it’s written by Michael Crichton, I have either read it or plan to read it.
  • Holiday(s): Christmas. I love seeing all the Christmas lights.

Chris from Jessica’s Point of View:

Chris is such a caring person. He is always willing to help others. Chris is also a very hardworking individual. Coming from a family with such a strong work ethic, I was impressed to find someone with the same principles. I love watching Chris play with our little cousins. He’ll make an awesome Daddy one day. I can’t wait to see him cuddled up with our child watching cartoons or teaching a child how to put bait on a hook. His patience is perfect for children…endless.

Chris Collage 1

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