About Us

Hi, y’all! I’m Jessica. I live in Virginia with my husband, Chris, daughter, Emma, and our 4 fur kids. This blog started as a joint adventure with my husband in 2014 to share our desire to adopt and document the process of adoption with friends and family.

We started trying to start our family in 2011, and after 3 years of disappointment, we decided to pursue our dream of adoption. The process was much more difficult than we could have imagined, but of course, it was worth it! Being on the “other side,” we can now say that. We brought our daughter home in February 2018, and it’s been a nonstop adventure. Now, I’m the primary writer and stay at home mama to one happy and healthy little girl. As we hope to continue to grow our family, the future is a unknown, but the possibilities are endless. 

I write primarily about adoption, infertility, and parenting. Chris and I are both open books about our journey to help reduce taboos, promote discussion, and dispel myths surrounding these topics. In our day-to-day lives, we share the highs and lows of our journey frequently with those pursuing adoption and fertility treatments.

Whether your journey includes adoption or infertility, you’re supporting someone who is experiencing infertility, you’ve been entrusted with a child’s adoption story, or you’re simply curious about “all of this,” we hope our journey provides comfort, support, and/or awareness.