Hurry Up and Wait

During infertility, there is this phenomena that happens with waiting, especially when seeking treatment. You go to all the doctors appointments, have all the blood work, and have any necessary procedures done. You are very excited/nervous during this whole process, but you are super focused on hearing good numbers for a successful procedure. Then, the treatment is done, and you’re left to wait. Waiting to see if you’ll be a Mommy and Daddy. We call this the “hurry up and wait” feeling. You can’t wait for X to happen, but you have to wait to see if it’ll all work out. With adoption, it’s not all that different.

hurry up and wait

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The Whisker Interviews {Digit}

Meow! Meoooooow! I’m Digit! Mama and Daddy asked me to share a little about myself. That shouldn’t be too hard since I love to talk. I’m the youngest of us feline bunch. I’m still a kitten at heart even if I’m 4 years old. If we had family superlatives, I’d get most Read More »

Our Adoption Profile

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Seasons of Adoption {Spring}

Spring is here, y’all! Well, it’s been here, but last week, we really noticed all the blooms and green leaves. Virginia has pretty crazy weather. Where else can you have 80 degree days and snow in the same week? Seriously! We can remember it snowing on Read More »

Seeing Signs

People from all walks of life look for signs. Is this the right guy for me? Should I take the job? With infertility, we tend to look for signs a lot. If a cycle starts on or near so-and-so’s birthday, it’s meant to be. If a estimated delivery date is around an anniversary, it’s meant to be. During our infertility journey, most of these signs we’re let downs, and they left a lot of possibilities unseen. Despite all of that, we still have hope, and we still see signs. Read More »

In the Home Stretch

We are winding down our home study, but we are going out with a bang. This week alone includes two adoption classes and our final meeting with our social worker not to mention another fingerprinting experience for Jessica. Read More »

Bunny Ears + Kids + Dogs = Fun!

We had a long weekend with our family. Two of our cousins spent the weekend with us, and the best way we felt we could show you all the festivities was in pictures. Enjoy! Read More »