Thankful for Fun, Food, and Family

We started off our holidays last week by cooking and packing on Wednesday. Chris tried making rolls-Parker house rolls. Despite Jessica’s skepticism, they turned out great! We like love bread. We also picked up Jessica’s Aunt Debbie and Uncle Robert from the airport. They flew in from Florida, and it was nice to see them. This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Jessica’s family. Not everyone was able to make it, but it was good to see those we could.Read More »

Six Degrees of Separation – Adoption Edition

We mentioned in our “Dear Family & Friends” post that many adoptions occur through acquaintances. We don’t have an official statistic, but the general consensus of the adoption social workers we have spoken with say that it is happening more and more. They suggested that the couples who are more open about their desire to adopt are more likely to be matched.

You may have heard of the six degrees of  separation theory. If not, it’s simply a theory that suggests that everyone on Earth is no more than six links away from everyone else in the world. We want to see how well we can match that theory with our adoption experience. Read More »

Dear Family & Friends

This post is largely made up of a letter we sent to extended family members and friends to share our desire to adopt. The outpouring of love we received was phenomenal.

We want to share a part of our lives we have kept relatively private for the last couple of years. Despite desperately wanting and trying to start a family, we have been unsuccessful. After testing, we were officially diagnosed with infertility. We decided to pursue fertility treatments but without success.

You may be asking yourself why we kept our infertility a secret. To be honest, we truly believed the next month or with the next treatment we would be expecting. We wanted to surprise everyone and share our excitement with you instead of the pain of infertility. Unfortunately, that day never arrived.Read More »